Orthodontist Cedar Park, TX

Wish you had straighter teeth? Looking for orthodontics near you? Not many people are born with perfectly straight teeth. Sometimes it takes a little help to have a perfectly aligned bite, which is why Renken Dentistry in Crystal Falls, TX offers various orthodontic treatments to suit your needs.

Many people avoid asking about orthodontics because they think the process will look unsightly or take too long. However, thanks to modern dental technology, that’s no longer the case. Our treatments can take as little as a few months and some aren’t even visible to the untrained eye! In need of Cedar Park orthodontics? Schedule an appointment with us today.

Orthodontist in Cedar Park, TX

Searching for an orthodontist in Cedar Park, TX? At Renken Dentistry, we know that you want results fast. That’s why we offer the 6 Month Smile, a type of orthodontic treatment that achieves similar results to traditional braces but in a much shorter time. It’s also a more affordable option than traditional braces or Invisalign.

Like traditional braces, 6 Month Smile uses a system of brackets and wires to move teeth to their desires positions over time. However, the brackets and wires are transparent, making this treatment much more natural-looking than the metal brackets of traditional braces.

For an orthodontist, Leander, TX and surrounding areas can call Renken Dentistry. Our staff would be happy to help you book an appointment today with our orthodontist near Cedar Park, TX.

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